Website Development and Ecommerce

  • Duration: 3 Months
  • Mode: Online and In-Person
  • Fees: 5000 PKR

Summary of Course Ingredients

  • Website Development
    • Ecommerce site development
  • Content Writing and Management
  • Social Media/Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • Keywords Targeting
  • Keywords Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Landing Page
  • Google Business
  • Google analytics
  • Social Media Post Designing and customization
  • Promotion/Branding
  • Other useful CMS
    • Blogger, Shopify and Wix for ecommerce
  • Freelancing


Key Outcomes of the course

You will be able to

  • Create full Dynamic web site
  • Skill of front end developer
  • Ecommerce developer/solution provider
  • CMS skills
    • WordPress, Blogger, Shopify and WIX for ecommerce
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Integrations of Facebook, Linkedin and twitter with CMS site 
  • Will be able to create websites like
    • Jobs
    • e-books
    • online course
    • consulting business
    • mentor videos
    • Ecommerce site
    • Ecommerce means online trade sale purchase etc.
  • Use of Google AdSense
  • Google Business and Google Analytics, Google Trends, Keywords Planner
  • SEO
  • Keywords Targeting
  • Landing Page
  • Branding and promotion
  • Social Media Marketing/digital marketing
  • Post design and Customizing
  • Ads Posting (olx, zameen and grana and other free classifieds etc)
  • Freelancing as WordPress or front end website developer, Social Media

Expert, Google Business analysis

  • Up work and fiverr
  • Virtual assistant
  • Write for others with CMS skills
  • Blogging
  • Create your own blog (use your own niche)
  • Create your own Travel guide or business directory
  • Social Media Marketer, Blogger, VLogger, Mobilizer
  • Post designer for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media
  • Google Business page expert
  • Article Writing (urdu, English)
  • Instructor of WordPress/front end developer, Mentor of Social Media/Digital Media, Expert of Branding and Digital Promotion
  • Skill for getting good jobs in software industry/software house just go to any software house and show your skills/profile
  • End user to contributor in the field of ICT
  • Lifetime skills
  • Horizon to explore more..
  1. Website Development

What is Website

A website is a collection of related Web Pages images, videos that are addressed with a common domain name(URL) or IP address in an Internet Protocol-based network.

i.e. domain name, website

Website Development using CMS (content Management system)  

Lec 1


Word press is Content management system for creating websites, it provides you all the tools and option to create a website, can be used to create blogs, its free and open source plate forum for creating dynamic websites.

WordPress content management system is used by 39.5% of all sites on the web. WordPress is now powering 39.5% of all websites in 2021.

Key Features

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Owned by AUTOMATIC
  • It’s responsive as well
  • It has built-in feature of adding themes.
  • Publish with Ease.
  • Publishing Tools.
  • User Management.
  • Media Management.
  • Full Standards Compliance.
  • Easy Theme System.
  • Plugins and appi features

Download the WordPress package and customize as much as you can upload with new domain name etc. with plugins


  • Content Management system
  • SEO features
  • User management tool
  • Email management
  • Document management
  • Plugins
  • File changes tracking
  • Speed
  • Security
  • Efficiency

Drupal, Joomla and blogger are other famous CMS


For practice

Choose domain name from

You can also manually install WordPress on your cpanel like normal site with DB and user creation process

Or purchase a domain and hosting online to launch your own website during this course


WordPress User interface


  • The controller Center of any Application

Themes over all look of your website where content will remain the same.

Selecting Themes and templates

Customizing templates and creating website environment

Lect 3


  • Plugins are built in software applications
  • The functionality of website
  • As many as plugins we install the performance of the site can be effected the speed especially
  • For different functions you can install plugin just search from Google
  • Select plugins having at least 3 stars
  • Using Elementor

Lect 4

Settings: The brain of WP

Permalinks (permanent links)

  • One of the most wp option
  • Structure of the links of your post and pages where Search engines can pick that what is your site about that why this is too important option
  • Tells the Search engine what is your site about
  • Good for SEO
  • Must adopt SEO standards to top rank your site
  • Main purpose is to get more users, more views and sell products or services and earn money
  • Running adds
  • SEO optimize URLs
  • Use as custom as well
  • Can also change category
  • Permalinks: The links of posts important for SEO
  • Writings
  • Update Services: different links for update you can also add for notification that my site has been updated.

Tool bar can be hide form Edit profile option of the user

To hide for selective user use plugins ->hide tool bar

Lect 5

Post vs pages

The content of WP

Two type of people some user post other uses pages


Are timely published blogs and posts with date time etc.


Timeless content with no publish date or time a static content you can say

Pages do not have categories and posts have

  • RSS really simple syndication feeds (group of link)  Post have RSS page dont.
  • Pages has customs templates and posts do not
  • Post must have more than 500 words for SEO
  • Posts have comment section pages do not

For SEO at least 5-10 blog post must be published to be ratet as top on google

  • Site must be active i.e. frequently posts should be published Google will rank high
  • So on pages you can create as many as posts it will be sorted as most recent on top. So on blogs these are post that are frequently updated you can provide users the privileges to add many posts like essays and blogs etc.
  • Post can be managed from the posts button. Pages
  • Can be hierarchical
  • Pages can have templates

Lect 6

Content Creation

  • Gutenburg will be visual editor in WP
  • In text editor we can use HTML and create new things like in normal webpage Post Revisions
  • You can save old versions of content
  • Can be used for any type of content in post or pages

Features image in WP

  • Its like a header of the post it can be only one header image etc

Can add gallery images using plugins

Can also add audio video galleries using the plugins

Categories in WP

  • We can categories content of the posts or pages


  • Help us organize the content of WP useful for SEO as well

Lect 7

Media Library

  • You can have view of all the media of your WP sites


  • Allow readers to give their opinions of the posts
  • Can add plugins for different functionality for comments like social media sites  Plugins Discus, jetpack

Lect 8


  • Are sw apps or plugins
  • You can embed new features into your site
  • Widgets are blocks
  • You can add the content of these widgets it varies from theme to theme so use the most compatible theme
  • You add different items into others


  • Add all the menus to WP site
  • Use screen option to show options
  • Edit Menus and Manage Locations option also explore


Available in themes (customizable)

WP home page shows all logs and activities at your site


Background also available in themes

Lect 9


  • Most frequently used functions
  • Google it for specific functionality
  • Back end and front end plugins
  • org
  • Also use third parties’ sites so be careful
  • Use WP official site (recommended) Users

We can manage the roles of different users

  • Admin
  • All rights
  • Editor
  • Can publish his post on WP
  • Author
  • Who can publish and manage his own posts
  • Contributor  Who can write and manage his post but can’t publish it
  • Subscriber
  • Only manage his profile

Word press Profile

  • Can create a user profile like Facebook
  • Also enable or disable features form the profile Lect 10


Convert categories to tags and tags to categories


  • Import from other blogs
  • Export options Site health

Security and SEO


Post via email

  • You can post by email using this option
  • Use plugins wp-mail-smtp. Jetpack and postie


Use some type of content for making sure the privacy policy like rights etc

Lect 11

Making money with WP

Affiliate Marketing

  • Sell for others through system

Amazon offer affiliate Marketing

Google AdSense

  • Palace ads on your site
  • Selling ads directly
  • Selling sponsored blog for others and publish it on your site
  • Write reviews
  • Create a member to write for you Also create website for:
  • Jobs
  • e-books
  • online course
  • consulting business
  • mentor videos
  • ecommerce site
  • Ecommerce means online trade sale purchase etc.
  • Any type of store


Google AdSense

  • Monetization turn users to money you must have traffic at your site
  • Add types
  • Images, txt, videos and audios
  • Site must be 6 months older
  • Steps
  • Google it as AdSense
  • After successful account creation install a plugin AdSense

Info links

  • You can make money by using ads
  • Infold, intext, inframe, intag

Affiliate Marketing

  • You can promote others products and services
  • Amazon affiliate
  • Click bank
  • Thirsty affiliate


Freelancing as WordPress or front end website developer

Up work and fiverr

Must create good profile with smiling photo of profile status should be 100% with standards


Writing for others

  • Sponsored Adds
  • Write blogs for others
  • Sponsored posts
  • Write for someone

You can write of brand also write and publish at your site

Search for brands and write for them

Blogging and guest posts

Other can write for others using WP

Write on latest topics and earn money just Google for latest topics

Drop ship

Products and services

  • You can sale a unique product or service using the wp site
  • Launch a course learning online and get traffic online and display ads and get money

Virtual assistant

  • Self-employed and provides his assistance to customers
  • Register your skills and sale your services in that area
  • Promote your site on social media


Google Analytics (install plugin)

  • Track the visitors who visits you site
  • The data helps you in different ways
  • Can track issues in the site as well
  • Traffic statistics
  • You can extract more data form these analytics
  • Login using Gmail for google analytics
  • Follow the instructions
  • Install the right plugin
  • Monster insights
  • Insert header and footer

Analytify by Pakistan

Then you will be connected with google analytics and can view the traffics


Lec 15-B

Google Business page

Business registration


Posts, Google website and social media profiles


Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the component of marketing that uses internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services


Brand awareness

One of the key objectives of modern digital marketing is to raise brand awareness, the extent to which customers and the general public are familiar with and recognize a particular brand.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine marketing (SEM)

Social media marketing

Content marketing


Ads Postings and post designing

Graphics customization

Google Trends

Top Searched keywords in pakistan


Lect 16

Setting up e-commerce

Use woo commerce plugin

After installation option will be available in dashboard


  • Recommended plugin updraft plus (can create automated backup)
  • Also have feature in WP

Protecting your site

  • plugins wordfense, shield security lec17

Ranking your site in google using SEO


  • Yoast SEO(suggested)
  • SEO pack


Making you site load fast


Cashing plugins

  • Commet cache
  • Wp supper cache

Online course ware WP site

  • Teaching, mentor
  • Plugin learn press
  • Lms plugins

Network of multiples site

Create subdomain

Lec18, 19

Building a job board

  • Where people can post jobs and find jobs
  • Post jobs
  • Edit jobs
  • Screen applicants
  • Automated emails
  • Location filters
  • User proper theme
  • Plugin WP job board
  • Simple job board

Classified sites

  • Classified plugin (sale anything)
  • Buy sale real estate
  • Cars
  • Nilam ghar 2nd hand products
  • Earn money with info link or paid adds
  • Plugin or theme awpcp or wpadverts

Travel website

Facebook like site

  • Social networking
  • Buddy press
  • Community site
  • Social networking community



  • People like to talk,
  • Can share something  Social network
  • Built-in board
  • For travel website you can use forums
  • Conversation
  • Plugin called bb press (built in board press)

Lec 21

Social Media sites feed into your website


Themes hints

Search themes specific for your topic like business, travel, forums etc

WordPress codex

  • The manual of wp


WP woo commerce website

Use theme and template create full e commerce site

  • A plugin and explore
  • You can integrate online payments like PayPal and payoneer
  • Woo commerce .com (like
  • Create your store online and sale purchase
  • Online booking
  • Install woo commerce plugin
  • And add variable product
  • Define payment methods
  • You can integrate PayPal in your site
  • Payoneer
  • Stripe you can charge your clients or customers
  • Cash on delivery
  • Jazz cash

Adding slider

  • Show post at home page select good theme and create layout
  • Choose theme which contain slider no need to install additional Lec 26

Custom CSS

  • You can add CSS
  • Also can install plugin
  • Custom CSS

Mailchimp (plugin)(email marketing sw)

  • Collection email list of users
  • Create a campaign
  • Say greetings to you visitors etc
  • Force user to interact with you and your page
  • Search tools for email marketing
  • Plugin Mail Munch

Lect 27

Responsive Test google it

  • com
  • User plugin responsive short codes
  • Edit page and past that code into it



  • Contact Form
  • Wp forms
  • Apply online Export backup
  • Use plugins
  • All in one wp-migration Lect 28

Jetpack plugin

Contain lots of option must try it

Graphics and Ads designing/Customization

Facebook listing and marketplace

Youtube Channel

Sliders and Animation

Video creation

Lect 29 and 30

Freelancing and bidding Must have 5ps in your bid People, progress, product, plan, problem


Focus it re-phrase it


The solution you can provide


Your profile and expertise show you


How you challenge different problems in WP and groom yourself


Timeline, project, plugins

Cost should be right

Project Requirement

         Get involved in getting requirement of your client Reference Sites for skills:


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